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What is a POP rivet?

pop rivet FAQ: What is a POP rivet? – A Pop rivet is the original blind rivet, manufactured by POP in the United States. It is the highest quality POP rivet in the market. As a blind fastener, POP rivets can be inserted and set from one side of the work piece. Depending upon the application, they can be used as replacements for welds, adhesives, screws, nuts and bolts.

The POP rivet consists of two parts – the rivet body and, within it, the setting mandrel. It is used to join two pieces of material together.
parts of a pop rivet

  • The rivet body is inserted into the hole of the materials you are joining.
  • The mandrel is put into a rivet gun/tool and the jaws of the POP tool grip the mandrel of the rivet when the tool is actuated.
  • The POP tool pulls the mandrel through the body of the rivet and sets the rivet. This forms a strong, tight, reliable joint. The mandrel then breaks flush with the head falls away.

POP rivets come in different alloys including: aluminum, steel, stainless, copper and monel.

When choosing the correct POP rivet for your application consider the following:

  1. Head style
  2. Grip or thickness of material you are fastening together
  3. Alloy
  4. Strength
  5. Diameter of hole in the application.

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