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POP JNT 1100 Jack Nut Tool

JNT 1100 Jack Nut Tool

The POP JNT 1100 jack nut tool is an inexpensive tool to set a limited quantity of jack nuts. Simply insert the wrench between the screw and the head of the fastener, hold the wrench, and run in the screw to set POP Jack Nuts.

POP JNT 2400 (Jack Nut Tool)

JNT 2400 Jack Nut Tool

The POP JNT 2400 jack nut tool (a heavy-duty jack nut tool) uses interchangeable screw-rods to set all sizes. Low grip effort is required and proper stroke is preset for positive setting without over-tightening. Tool mandrels to set all sizes and required drill bits are available.

POP MCS5800L Cordless Rivet Tool Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated Rivet Tool (Cordless Rivet Gun)

MCS5800L Cordless Rivet Gun

Looking for POP battery powered tools? The POP MCS5800L cordless rivet gun – a POP battery powered tool – is a perfect addition to your toolbox! It is a portable, rechargeable electric rivet gun that is ideal for on-site maintenance work for when you need a blind rivet tool for pulling up to: 3/16″ (4.8mm) diameter rivets in all materials.

POP PL30 Hand Riveter (POP Powerlink 30 Hand Rivet Tool)

PL30 Hand Riveter

The POP PL30 Hand Riveter is IN STOCK. Complete with 3 nosepieces to set 1/8″, 5/32″ and 3/16″ POP rivets. Excellent ergonomic hand rivet tool with shorter grip, jam free front end design and shorter nose housing.

Proset PB3400 Battery Powered Rivet Gun - Cordless Tool. Sets 3/16" to 1/4" structural rivets. Durable, Dependable & Long lasting tool

POP PB3400 Battery Rivet Gun

The ProSet PB3400 battery powered rivet tool – cordless design is designed for portability, durability, and easy maintenance. Sets up to 1000 structural blind rivets in 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter per battery charge. Easy to Use with the Quick Release nose housing & jaw guide.

POP PS25 Hand Riveter (Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Hand Rivet Tool)

PS25 Hand Riveter

The POP POPSET PS25 hand riveter is a heavy duty lazy tong hand rivet tool with setting capacity for all rivets up to 1/4″ (6.4mm) body diameter including high strength.

POP PS45 Hand Riveter

PS45 Hand Riveter

The POP POPSET PS45 hand riveter is a heavy duty, telescopic-levered high-capacity hand rivet tool with setting capacity of all 1/4″ rivets (6.4mm).