Download POP Rivet Hole Size Chart PDFs

When it comes to support for POP rivet gunswe have you covered!

If you’re trying to figure out how to size rivets, then our PDF files for POP rivet sizes / POP rivet lengths, alloys, head styles, sizes in mm (millimeters) and all dimensions available for POP rivets including benefits and schematics have you covered!

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Request a Rivet Gauge (Rivet Identification Chart)

Whether you’re in the field doing repair work, keeping a production line going or fine-tuning final stages of your product, it’s important to stay productive, get the job done right, and a rivet specification chart helps you do just that!

Use the following form to request a rivet gauge (rivet drill size chart), and if you have any questions about POP tools, then call (972) 986-6792 or request a consultation for expert guidance and in-stock products ready to deliver!

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